About Our Service: EnergyPrint

Find, Track & Prove Energy Savings for the Buildings You Serve

EnergyPrint’s utility dashboard is a simple, easy-to-use building performance report, delivered as a cloud-based software application that enables building professionals to understand, manage and implement efforts to reduce energy usage and expense.

How It Works

Once a building subscribes, we collect, input and validate all necessary monthly utility energy data in order to help Find, Track & Prove savings.

Get Answers

Finally, you use the online tool’s easy-to-understand charts and graphs, generated by EnergyPrint’s powerful analytics, to continuously answer four key business questions:

1. How are your buildings doing?

Understand building performance at a building or portfolio level. See performance in simple metrics and benchmark a building against itself, a portfolio, its peers and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®.

2. Are buildings getting better or worse?

Prioritize where to focus attention by watching building expense and use move with weather normalization and changes in your building. Spend time finding solutions for those buildings with the greatest needs.

3. Where are the best opportunities for savings?

Implement solutions that will change building performance. Identify low cost operation and maintenance changes, and plan for improvements with a good return on investment.

4. Have past energy improvements paid off?

Measure and prove the results. Every investment—large or small—should yield results. Tracking changes and improvements will allow you to build best practices and save more.

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