About Our Service: Energy Benchmarking

Reveal Your True Performance With Benchmarks

Definition: Benchmarking is the ongoing monthly review of energy performance to determine if a building is getting better or worse in comparison to itself, other buildings in the portfolio, and/or peers.

The Benefits of Benchmarking

This feature puts your property-level data into context by measuring and comparing it:

  1. Against standard benchmarks
  2. Year-over-year compared to itself
  3. Peer groups

Doing so gives you a starting point for pre- and post-audits on capital improvements aimed at increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs. We can benchmark using as much historical data as clients provide, so you can:

  • Rank energy performance and track trends
  • Locate which properties are getting better or worse on a relative basis
  • Get the justification needed to plan improvements
  • Determine if conservation strategies are working
  • Provide accurate data reports to management

Trustworthy Data

EnergyPrint takes great steps to ensure accurate data. We manage our own database of comparable buildings, regional similarities and vertical industry standards. Added plus: EnergyPrint benchmarks integrate seamlessly with ENERGY STARĀ®.

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