About Our Service: Utility Data Management

Save Time. Let Us Handle the Data.

We take the headache out of gathering thousands of data points (across multiple utility companies) for a portfolio each month. And, we have the expertise and resources to validate that data. For clients, our process is hassle-free. They can conveniently view their data in a single, accurate and common language stored in one safe place.

The Benefits

By letting us track and analyze energy consumption for each property, you can:

  • Identify costs, trends, usage patterns and more
  • Highlight major events in a building’s lifespan that impact energy usage
  • Pinpoint where resolution of billing issues is needed
  • Compare rates within and between utility companies
  • Hold vendors accountable for ROI

How It Works

  1. We get your authorization to gather your utility data, ideally, for a two-year historical benchmark
  2. We translate information into one common language
  3. We enter your energy use and cost data and set up an ENERGY STAR® account
  4. We create a user utility dashboard that displays your data by energy cost, consumption and carbon, and ENERGY STAR® rating
  5. You login to your utility dashboard and view your metrics
  6. We work behind the scenes to update your data monthly and keep our benchmark database current

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