About Our Service: Energy Dashboard

Get Instant Answers From Your Dashboard

Extremely dynamic, our utility dashboard delivers your macro energy picture compiled in a central, instant-read visual display. Keep it broad or let us break it down by portfolio, region or building. For starters, the utility dashboard lets you:

  • View a geographic map of your portfolio
  • See ENERGY STAR® rating
  • Roll up for portfolio comparisons
  • Drill down for specific property details
  • Sort and rank buildings by performance variables

Your Benefits

Have essential information at your fingertips to:

  • Streamline energy budget creation and management
  • Identify variables that cause budget fluctuations
  • Communicate up, down and across your organization
  • Accurately respond to management requests for energy data reports
  • Identify/prioritize opportunities to save
  • Know your environmental impact (carbon footprint)

What We Monitor

Via the utility dashboard, closely monitor your three C’s: energy cost (dollars/sq. ft.), consumption (kBtus/sq. ft.) and carbon (pounds of CO2/sq. ft.), plus water usage for the previous and current 12 months running.

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