About Our Service: Energy Reporting

Plot Actionable Steps with Comparable Reporting Features

Energy reporting is where EnergyPrint really proves its value. By digging into data-banked details (and sorting data any number of ways), this feature answers the property manager’s most burning questions: the who, what, when, where, why and how of energy use by property, portfolio, utility type and more. Foremost, it provides:

Answers to Anomalies

  • Is a building consuming more/less than it should?
  • Who are the highest performers and how can I replicate them?
  • Who are the lowest performers and how can I improve efficiencies?
  • Did weather play a factor in usage and how so?
  • Did the utility company make billing errors?

Answers to Capital Improvement Plans/ROI

  • Where are capital improvements needed?
  • Are past capital improvements working?
  • What does my ROI look like per improvement?
  • Which vendor is accountable for the promised ROI?

What We Monitor

EnergyPrint gathers thousands of pieces of data to ensure accuracy. This includes monitoring your three C’s: energy cost (dollars/sq. ft.), consumption (kBtus/sq. ft.) and carbon (pounds of CO2/sq. ft.), plus water usage.

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