About Our Service: Cost Avoidance

Proving Value with Cost Avoidance

Cost AvoidanceEvery investment–large or small–should yield results. EnergyPrint’s Cost Avoidance measures and proves ROI for your building. By setting a baseline and tracking utility data, you can report simple bill reduction via Basic Cost Avoidance, or step up to our Premium Weather Normalized Cost Avoidance to report normalized, whole building savings. Whether it’s simple building reporting to prove value, or meeting specific Measurement & Verification (M&V) standards where there’s a financial obligation on the line, EnergyPrint helps you easily calculate and report results.

Premium Weather Normalized Cost Avoidance

EnergyPrint’s Weather Normalized Cost Avoidance is a premium feature that allows you to see the avoided costs regardless of weather—illustrating the true value of energy savings projects. This service is valuable for assessment of changes in performance related to specific energy conservation measures – behavioral and/or projects intended to reduce energy cost and consumption. This is also an excellent tool for Measurement and Verification (M&V) and performance contracts. Using complex algorithms behind the scenes, EnergyPrint translates your data and reports it in simple graphs and charts to ensure your project results are clear.

Advanced Cost Avoidance

When you need to maximize ROI and get project-specific results, EnergyPrint’s Advanced Cost Avoidance will deliver M&V for performance contracts and energy savings agreements. Because we already provide full service data management, setting up projects is just a few clicks away. The new Advanced Cost Avoidance revolutionizes the process for creating and managing cost savings projects with a variety of exclusive features, including:

  • Rate Lock – Reflect pre-project utility rates to manage contracted performance
  • Target Line – Set your projected energy use reduction and visualize the trend over time
  • Custom Balance Points – Fine tune degree day balance points for project baselines

Both Premium and Advanced Cost Avoidance reporting are compliant with IPMVP (Option C) and ASHRAE 14 standards.

Cost Avoidance Features & Options

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