About Our Service: Energy Alerts

Let Us Be the Watchdog

Are you concerned that consumption irregularities are getting lost in your data deluge? EnergyPrint solves that problem by issuing monthly notifications called Energy Alerts. This feature continuously monitors each portfolio and alerts property managers when data falls outside a pre-designated “normal” range.

How Energy Alerts Works:

On a monthly basis, EnergyPrint mines its vast database of utility data. Then we alert property managers to consumption irregularities using a quick screen pop-up in the upper right corner. Users simply open the icon to access energy anomalies, including raw consumption and cost changes, as well as weather-normalized cost changes by source.

Once users review an Alert(s), they can:

  1. Dismiss the Alert and it will be cleared from view
  2. Notify another person or team for further investigation
  3. Ask us for a referral to a local professional for further investigation and/or resolution

The Benefits:

  • Identify anomalies that may be worth investigating
  • Identify properties that may be eligible for ENERGY STAR® certification
  • Share EnergyPrint account information with other team members and mechanical or electrical contractors

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