Path to Success: EnergyPrint Essentials Webinar Series

EnergyPrint is excited to launch “Path to Success,” a new webinar series designed to help you get the most out of your utility data with EnergyPrint. Our Client Services Team will provide the latest tips, tricks and best practices on leveraging EnergyPrint’s utility data analytics to Find, Track & Prove energy savings. Whether you’re looking to learn how to onboard your buildings with ease or how to find the best energy insights, our experts will guide you on your path to success.

Register for the webinar that fits your needs or join us for the whole series. Even if you’re unable to attend live, register anyway and we’ll send you the recording to watch later.


Part 1: Best Practices for Simple & Easy Onboarding

So you’ve decided to track utility data for a building or portfolio using EnergyPrint…now what? Join us for a webinar to learn how to complete the onboarding process as quickly as possible and reduce unnecessary delays. We will provide an overview of our onboarding process, information required and Frequently Asked Questions. Learn more.





Part 2: Utility Dashboard Tips & Tricks

Your Utility Dashboard is bursting with capabilities and features. Are you leveraging them all to help you find relevant stories hidden in your utility data? Join us for a highly informative, impactful webinar focused on how to utilize the Utility Dashboard for maximum energy insight. This session is the perfect way to get a refresher on our top tips and tricks for using the Utility Dashboard. Learn more.

When: Wednesday, July 25 | 11:00 am CT




Part 3: Top Use Cases for Custom Reporting

What if you could interpret and visualize your utility data in limitless ways? Join us to learn how to take your energy analysis to the next level with Insights Architect—a custom reporting solution that eliminates manual reporting, saves time, and makes complex analytics consistent, powerful, and easily repeatable. See first-hand how other building professionals are using custom reporting to slice and dice building data to fit their unique business needs and open the door to a world of insight for finding opportunity. Learn more.

When: Wednesday, August 22 | 11:00 am CT




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