Blog Jan 3, 2018

Year in Review: Top Content & Stories of 2017

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As we officially begin the new year, we’d like to take a moment to thank all our partners, clients and shareholders for your contributions and support last year. Below is a brief collection of some of our top educational whitepapers, webinars, blogs and news stories of 2017. We hope you enjoy these resources, and we look forward to bringing you more great content in 2018!

Top Whitepapers

  • Tips from Industry Experts: Leveraging Utility Data to Drive Client Engagement

    In this educational whitepaper, successful business development professionals from the mechanical and building automation arena explain in their own words how they leverage utility data to save time and resources, qualifying prospects for building solutions, identify potential obstacles and navigate around them before they derail energy proposals, and ask strategic business questions and build trust with clients.

  • Top 5 Hidden Costs of “Do It Yourself” Data Entry

    If you manually collect, aggregate, normalize and enter utility data for the buildings you serve, chances are good you’re falling victim to numerous hidden costs yourself. This whitepaper discusses five of the biggest internal costs of “DIY” data entry, and outlines how data service solutions can help you maximize efficiency.


Top Webinars

  • Expert Tips Webinar Series, Part 1: Qualifying Clients for Benchmarking Engagement

    EnergyPrint’s Expert Tips webinar series covers a range of topics on engaging clients in conversations about building performance. Part I explored top tips for introducing utility reporting services to customers and qualifying their interest in tracking and improving their buildings. Panelists included experts from ACCO Engineered Systems, Daikin Applied, and McKenney’s.

  • Expert Tips Webinar Series, Part 2: Engaging Customers with Utility Analysis

    Part II of this popular webinar series examined some of the successful ways our building solution experts have used utility analytics to engage customers in conversations. They shared how they created opportunities to retain and grow service contracts, and build opportunities for energy projects. Panelists included experts from Building Technology Systems and CCAC Building Solutions.

  •  Product Launch Webinar: Insights Architect Custom Reporting
    In Fall 2017, EnergyPrint released Insights Architect—a new custom reporting service that quickly analyzes data and identifies energy opportunities within a building or portfolio. Check out this Webinar Replay to see how Insights Architect can slice and dice building data to fit your unique business needs.


Top Blogs

EnergyPrint’s blog is another way we share best practices and relevant industry trends related to energy benchmarking, building solution providers, utility data insight tips and more. Read some of our favorite thought-leadership blogs from 2017.


Top Company & Product News

Catch up on some of the year’s biggest news stories from EnergyPrint’s headquarters. Here’s a recap of our biggest company headlines from 2017, including product announcements, industry awards, and employee-related news.