Utility Dashboard

Simplified Building Performance Analytics & Energy Benchmarking

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We created the EnergyPrint Utility Dashboard to give you centralized access to simple, concrete, business-oriented energy data. Explore and answer key business questions using objective metrics in real dollars and cents.

We input complex, unintuitive monthly utility bills and turn them into actionable business intelligence with simple, business
-oriented energy management software.
At a macro level, you will identify efficiency opportunities and prove ROI.

Using energy cost, consumption and carbon trends, the Utility Dashboard shows how your building performs compared to itself, its peers, ENERGY STAR and other key business metrics. We work directly with your utility providers to collect, aggregate, input and validate utility data for your buildings. Then, our expert team of data professionals helps you establish and better understand energy benchmarks, identify trends and generate powerful, actionable business insight that answers four key business questions:

How are buildings doing?

Are buildings getting better or worse?

Where are the best opportunities for savings?

Have past improvements paid off?

EnergyPrint’s powerful, user-friendly Utility Dashboard is an intuitive energy management software that puts key business analytics at your fingertips. We even brand it for your company—making it a seamless part of your solutions and positioning you as a Trusted Energy Advisor through energy benchmarking.


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