Utility Data Services

Quality Utility Data Where You Need It

You need clean, current utility data to help Find, Track & Prove energy savings for the buildings that you serve.

We aggregate and standardize data across thousands of utility providers, combining automated processes with human expertise to validate and deliver data seamlessly, however you need it.

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Get Your Data
the Way You Need it

Export accurate, validated data directly to your proprietary systems.
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Visualize cost, consumption and
carbon metrics across your portfolio.
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Integrate seamlessly with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.
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Leverage custom analysis tools and reports with your own business metrics.
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EnergyPrint is the “easy button” for building professionals who need utility data done right.

We eliminate the hassle and monthly drain on internal resources that you and your high value staff spend tracking down utility bills, manually inputting data and verifying data accuracy – much less creating valuable data insight and actionable business intelligence.

Find, Track & Prove savings with EnergyPrint’s accurate, current and relevant utility data.