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Save money and increase value with utility data, benchmarking and reporting services from EnergyPrint.



Utility analytics that drive energy savings opportunities

At EnergyPrint, we are setting the standard for how building professionals find and use energy analytics and utility insights to improve commercial building value and prove ROI.


Case Study

BTS Adds $1.8M in Revenue with EnergyPrint

Case Study

BTS Adds $1.8M in Revenue with EnergyPrint

When Building Technology Systems (BTS) sought to integrate utility data reporting into their energy service strategy, they partnered with EnergyPrint to manage their data process.

Case Study

Boland Streamlines Energy Reporting Process

Case Study

Boland Streamlines Energy Reporting Process

Boland consulted with EnergyPrint’s Insights Architect team to replace their inefficient reporting structure with useful, consistent and easy-to-understand deliverables.


Helping the building management industry maximize energy cost savings

If you’re a property owner, manager or a contractor interested in saving energy and reducing overall utility costs, we’re here to make controlling expense easier to achieve. In addition to our utility reporting solutions, we’ve built a large, national network of energy consultants and solution providers that you can tap into.

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"Utility bills are complicated. A lot of professionals don’t understand what all the numbers mean. I was one of them. Partnering with EnergyPrint has helped me navigate the complexity and focus on the metrics that actually matter.”

- Eddie Dunn, Building Services Consultant

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