Project Impact

Prove results with accuracy

Measure savings and results against specific project information.

Project Impact

An easy way to calculate and communicate the impact of your projects.

Every investment should yield results. Yet one of the most overlooked aspects of an energy reduction project is proving whether or not it produced the intended cost and consumption savings. To do this, you need complete, accurate and detail-rich utility data.

However, this can be tricky to do. What happens if you set up an energy project, but shortly after you begin, things change? Perhaps your utility company changes its rates. Perhaps your building undergoes an operational shift (such as lower occupancy during a pandemic). How do you measure apples to apples?

Enter Project Impact. With this advanced cost avoidance tool, you can set custom timeframes, lock in your utility rates, and measure your projects against specific target parameters. Take the guess work out of impact calculations.

However you need it, Project Impact can help you:

  • Communicate and prove the value of energy conservation measures
  • Track progress against corporate sustainability goals
  • Stay compliant with IPMVP (Option C) and ASHRAE 14 standards
  • See true energy performance with weather normalization

Prove results with Project Impact

Using our cloud-based Utility Dashboard, we'll capture history and ongoing data for your performance-based projects. Then measure your utility bill savings against your own specific project information. Create your own baselines, lock in utility rates, set balance points, understand the impact of the weather, and set clear target goals to measure your results against.

Set custom baselines

Set one or multiple baselines within the Utility Dashboard and change the parameters of your specific project such as specific time periods.

Lock in Utility Rates

Rather than have EnergyPrint calculate your cost avoidance using the utility rate of each individual month, set the utility rate structure for electric and gas that you need to keep consistent in order to prove performance contracts and guaranteed savings.

Adjust your Temperature Balance Points

Customize degree-day balance points to establish the most accurate baseline for a project.

Set Target Lines

Set your projected cost reduction and visualize the trend over the project life-cycle. This allows you to accurately track and adjust your goals to see anticipated savings on any given month or over the whole project.


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