BlogMar 10, 2020

Energy Reporting: Can I Streamline This Process?

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Energy reporting can require hours of manual data manipulation in spreadsheets or reporting software to generate graphs & analytics. It might make you wonder if there’s an easier way to handle it.  The answer is… yes!

You can focus on all your other projects & responsibilities instead of spending limited resources:

  • Learning ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager interface

  • Contacting your utility providers

  • Obtaining your historical utility bills

  • Entering individual meter data for hours

  • Validating the data is correct

  • Repeating this process monthly to keep it all current


EnergyPrint has you covered because we’re the experts. Don’t waste your time or high-value resources by manually creating and tweaking energy reports for buildings and portfolios – and don’t duplicate that manual data effort monthly or quarterly. Instead, we’ll deliver utility analysis reports for the buildings you serve and take care of the data stewardship for you.  Plus, we’ve been an ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year for 5 consecutive years, so we’ll get your Portfolio Manager account all set up & data loaded properly too!  It really could be this straightforward with EnergyPrint. What are you waiting for?  Contact us to learn more.