Blog May 10, 2018

Preparing for ENERGY STAR® Score Changes Coming August 2018

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On August 26, 2018, the EPA will be updating ENERGY STAR® scores for all buildings based on the most recent market data available. This means many buildings will likely see a change in their 1-100 ENERGY STAR scores, and on average, scores will go down.

This update is part of EPA’s standard process to keep ENERGY STAR metrics as current as possible, and reflective of current market performance. The 1-100 ENERGY STAR score compares a building’s energy performance to that of similar buildings nationwide. The most recent market data available shows an overall improvement in the energy performance of the U.S. building stock in recent years, which is why scores for many property types will be lower after metrics are updated in August.

Which Properties Will Be Impacted?

Because source energy metrics are being updated, all buildings are likely to see a change in some ENERGY STAR performance metrics. Exact ENERGY STAR score changes for specific buildings or portfolios will not be available prior to the August release. Individual building scores may increase or decrease, depending on energy use, fuel mix, business activity, property type and other variables.

Below are estimated average score changes for select property types.
2018 ENERGY STAR score updates_overview-graphic
ENERGY STAR is planning to release all updated metrics on August 26, 2018. EnergyPrint users can expect to see updated scores when they log in to the Utility Dashboard the following business day.
The new ENERGY STAR calculations will be applied across all time periods, which means scores and metrics for all historical benchmarking data will change. By applying this update across all time periods, you’ll continue to be able to analyze changes that are a result of your own activities, rather than changes in underlying market data.

Note: ENERGY STAR will be updating all scores for buildings, including historical scores. These changes will be reflected in EnergyPrint and the Utility Dashboard’s ENERGY STAR Rating Trend graph.

How Can I Prepare?

  • Apply now for ENERGY STAR certification, especially if scores are close to 75. Applications received before July 26, 2018, and which require no significant follow-up or changes, will be guaranteed to be approved and awarded certification using the existing score models. EPA will not rescind prior ENERGY STAR certifications.
  • Document your ENERGY STAR score history and data. You can download your score history from Portfolio Manager, or contact your EnergyPrint support team for assistance. After the August update, EPA will not be able to provide “before and after” score changes for individual buildings or portfolios.

EnergyPrint makes ENERGY STAR simple by managing data, automatically updating scores, and assisting with certifications. If you need help with certifying your building or have questions about how the upcoming ENERGY STAR score changes might impact you, please reach out to us. As your trusted ENERGY STAR Partner, we’re here to help.