Case Study

How Casto Technical Services Used EnergyPrint to Upgrade Service Agreement

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Casto Technical Services has provided mechanical services for commercial, institutional and industrial clients for more than 50 years. A large law firm building needed essential equipment repair costing more than $10,000. Although the firm had a preventative maintenance agreement with Casto, their contract did not cover expired warranty repair. Limited cash flow for unexpected expense meant funding was a client concern.

  • Industry: Office

  • Location: Southern West Virginia

  • Solutions: Utility Dashboard; Building Optimization; Preventative Maintenance


Casto proposed upgrading the client to a total maintenance contract, which would cover repair costs and included 3rd party energy benchmarking with EnergyPrint to prove monthly energy savings. The new agreement was priced higher than their current plan, but Casto guaranteed the cost of the contract would be repaid by utility bill savings. After performing several equipment repairs, the Casto team used EnergyPrint’s Utility Dashboard to track the building’s performance and prove ROI on all energy improvements.


By incorporating EnergyPrint’s utility tracking into its service contract strategy, Casto was able to:

  • Differentiate and demonstrate an innovative approach to performance reporting
  • Retain and grow client, increasing contract value by 30%
  • Prove ROI. EnergyPrint’s Cost Avoidance proved the utility bill savings paid for the client’s new service agreement in less than a year, and saved $90k+ over contract life

"Tracking utility data with EnergyPrint creates a tether between us and our clients. It enables us to clearly communicate financial savings and prove the value of our service contracts year after year."

- Dan Nolte, Intelligent Services Sales

Casto Technical Services