Case Study

TDIndustries Improves Operational Efficiencies and Delights Clients with Insights Architect Reporting

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TDIndustries, one of the Southwest’s top mechanical construction and facilities services companies, needed to generate engaging, high impact portfolio reports to present to a school district client. Both TD and the client were overloaded with sorting through so much data manually, and the time crunch diverted resources away from presentation quality.


Key Reporting Challenges

Utility data overload

Client spent hours gathering and entering data from old utility bills for more than 45 school buildings, all before passing along to TD for manual analysis and reporting.

Slow, tedious and inefficient process

The TD engineering team needed a faster, easier way to simplify data, find building outliers and identify energy savings opportunities.

  • Challenge: TD needed a needed a faster, easier way to simplify data, find building outliers and identify savings for a school district client.

  • Solution: Leveraged Insights Architect to deliver compelling reports, and used Dynamic Analysis to reveal year over year trends and take action.

  • Results: Simple ways for TD to visualize energy trends and justify improvement costs, increasing their credibility as a trusted energy advisor.


TD quickly brought in EnergyPrint to streamline the utility data collection process and replace their executive portfolio report with an intuitive, credible and useful Insights Architect report designed to meet contract specifications. TD also leveraged Insights Architect’s Dynamic Analysis—an interactive tool with custom filters and settings. Using Dynamic Analysis to look at the performance of individual buildings compared to custom thresholds, TD revealed key trends that identified improvement opportunities, motivating the client to take action.


After leveraging Insights Architect, TD achieved:

  • Reduced administrative burden.
    EnergyPrint freed up hundreds of hours of internal resources for the client and reduced analysis time for TD.
  • Improved design and usefulness.
    Dynamic Analysis allowed support staff to do first-level analysis and escalate outliers to TD engineers for investigation.
  • Increased client satisfaction.
    Insights Architect gave TD the ability to present current, accurate data in new and compelling ways—making it easy for the client to justify improvement costs and increasing TD’s credibility as a trusted energy advisor.

“Before Insights Architect, our engineers spent countless hours every month sifting through data... our staff now perform first-level analysis and escalate outliers quickly. Not only do we save on resources, we help our client make more impactful decisions that boost their bottom line.”

- Brandon Hoke, Mechanical Designer