EnergyPrint Optimizes Energy Reporting with Launch of Insights Architect

EnergyPrint Insights Architect logoEnergyPrint, a national provider of utility data management and measurement services, has announced the launch of Insights ArchitectSM, a custom reporting capability that leverages the power of EnergyPrint’s proprietary building database to uncover the stories hidden in utility data. Today’s announcement reinforces EnergyPrint’s commitment to deliver accurate, meaningful data and unique business insight to guide smart decision-making about building performance.

With the addition of Insights Architect to EnergyPrint’s service platform, clients now have an ongoing solution that can quickly analyze data and identify energy opportunities within a building. This solution helps clients produce high-quality deliverables and frees up internal resources.

Insights Architect is the only solution that eliminates manual reporting, saves sales and engineering time, and makes complex analytics consistent, powerful, and easily repeatable—without developing or learning new software.

“Our ability to create truly custom analysis and reporting deliverables is what makes Insights Architect so impactful and exciting,” said Ben Herkenhoff, EnergyPrint’s product management director. “We can visualize data in ways that makes sense to each individual customer and even incorporate their unique data sources to give a 360-degree view of their most important business metrics.”

Insights Architect custom reporting capabilities include building and portfolio reporting, dynamic analysis, and custom metrics—all branded for the client and designed to meet their specific business needs.

“Insights Architect is built for professionals that need an easy, ongoing way to communicate effectively with our teams and customers on building performance,” said Mechelle Munn, Intelligent Services Program Manager at Boland. “This solution replaced our time-consuming manual reporting process with professional, credible and useful reports that EnergyPrint generates for us. This relieves a huge burden for my team.”

These business intelligence-driven capabilities allow EnergyPrint’s team of expert data analysts to interpret and visualize data in limitless ways, producing stronger building insight and yielding concrete action-steps for building owners and the energy solution providers who serve them.

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