Open Position

Customer Success Manager


EnergyPrint is currently looking for a Customer Success Manager to join it’s growing team.

Position Overview

The Customer Success Manager will be responsible for supporting new and existing clients by ensuring that customer contracts are delivered on time and with quality in a way that not only satisfies, but delights customers. The Customer Success Manager works closely with the Business Development Director and reports to the Strategic Account Director to successfully onboard clients in a way that is customer-focused, timely and efficient, and continues to work with clients to meet EnergyPrint’s retention goals, as well as inspire client loyalty, recommendations and referrals.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Successfully onboard new clients to deliver EnergyPrint contracts on time and with quality
  • Facilitate the involvement of EnergyPrint staff, including operations, administrative and account teams to meet account goals for client deliverables and performance objectives
  • Deliver required information regarding data delivery, report delivery, seat utilization, added subscriptions and other scopes of work to accounts per documented process; reconcile utilization reporting with account and ensure accurate records.
  • Fulfill all deliverables that support client growth goals with assigned accounts for license seats, renewals, services and ad hoc subscriptions
  • Assist assigned accounts in identifying opportunity for development of portfolio sales and other revenue opportunities
  • Identify and report to strategic account director in a timely manner any clients deemed to be at risk
  • Provide marketing department with information needed and complete assigned tasks in a timely manner to build EnergyPrint brand awareness and generate new leads
  • Provide detailed on-going documentation for internal forecasting and account maintenance
  • Perform other tasks as assigned

Knowledge and Skill Requirements

  • Strong organizational, planning and communications skills
  • Ability to effectively communicate over the phone and in writing
  • Demonstrated customer service track record
  • Maintain a professional appearance and demeanor in person and over the phone
  • Experience, or sufficient aptitude, delivering “services” or “software as a service”

The successful candidate will be:

  • A quick learner, able to grasp new ideas and technologies and adapt to EnergyPrint’s evolving business model and culture
  • Goal-oriented and driven to meet highly quantifiable objectives
  • Positive, with a mindset towards effective problem-solving
  • Able to work in a highly collaborative and fast-paced environment
  • Committed to conducting themselves with integrity as a well-regarded representative of EnergyPrint
  • Able to give clear direction and receive instructions and input from others
  • Work well alone, and in a group environment
  • Flexible to create availability during business hours as required by clients nationally (regardless of time zone)

Compensation and benefits commensurate with experience. If interested, please send cover letter and resume to